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What do your measurements really tell you?

Regularly calibrated instruments? Check. Experienced laboratory personnel? Check. A way to prove your measurements to your customers? If you can’t check off that last item, then how do you really know that your measurements are reliable?
Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) offers an extensive range of interlaboratory tests designed to answer that very question. Our tests can be used to meet a number of goals:
  • Complying with accreditation and registration requirements;
  • Demonstrating measurement competence to customers;
  • Monitoring lab performance across multiple locations;
  • Getting advance warning of potential measurement problems; and
  • Supplementing the training of lab personnel.
Most importantly, participating in our testing programs provides you with a critical and unbiased tool for evaluating your laboratory’s overall performance.

Why choose CTS?

In addition to our more than 45 years of experience with interlaboratory testing, we offer a number of advantages that will ensure your confidence in our programs. First, we have the largest variety of tests covering a broad spectrum of industries: agriculture, color, containerboard, fasteners & metals, forensics, paper, plastics and wine. Second, we offer relevant tests selected specifically to meet the proficiency testing needs of laboratories – most designed in concert with experts from the industries they serve. Third, we provide you with actionable data in concise and easy-to-understand reports that are tailored specifically for each lab and each test. Finally, we offer technical assistance: feel free to contact any of our program managers at any time and know that you will receive a knowledgeable and timely response to your questions concerning testing materials and data analysis.

Where are you?

More than 2000 labs in over 80 countries worldwide currently participate in the CTS interlaboratory testing programs. If your laboratory is not participating, then you really have no impartial way to prove measurement competence. Enroll today and then where you’ve been won’t matter as much as where you’re going – on the way to better measurements, better control, and better laboratory performance.
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