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630-2018-3 Tensile Properties of Participant-Cured Rubber Samples

Participants receive two plaques to cure at a CTS-specified temperature in accordance with ASTM D3182. Dumbbells are then died out and measurements made using ASTM D412. Results are compared to measurements reported by the participants on the pre-cured samples in Test 605.

Laboratories may report a number of properties including: Tensile Strength, Ultimate Elongation and Stress at 100% / 300% Elongation. Tested in accordance with ASTM Methods D3182 and D412.

Participants must have the ability to cure plaques at temperatures as high as 177oC.

Important: Participants in this test MUST be enrolled in CTS Test No. 605.

Total Number of Shipments = 3.

Samples ship in April, July and October of 2018.

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