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660-2018-4 Mooney Viscosity

Participants receive two samples each of two raw polymers (e.g., SBR, NBR, butyl), which are cut by the labs and tested as received. These samples do not require mill massing. Labs may choose to use either ASTM Test Method D1646 or ISO 289.

Laboratories may report Mooney Viscosity as ML 1+4 for all polymers, as well as ML 1+8 when butyl samples are distributed. Stress relaxation properties (t80, X30, and Area under the Curve) may be reported for all polymers.

Samples are tested at 100oC.

Total Number of Shipments = 4.

Samples ship in January, April, July and October of 2018.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this test takes place during 2018. You must enroll no later than December 10, 2017. Test materials will ship at the end of January 2018, as indicated above.

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