Dr. Robert Miller Biography NarrativeDr. Miller presents a paper on interlaboratory results at the International Symposium on Soil & Plant Analysis (ISSPA) Santa Rosa, CA 2009
Dr. Robert Miller has been retained by Collaborative Testing Services to serve as the ALP Program Technical Director. Dr Miller has extensive expertise in both agricultural laboratory analyses and coordinating interlaboratory programs in multiple analytical disciplines.

Dr. Miller received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Nebraska. He went on to manage a plant nutrition laboratory at Texas A&M University before earning his Ph.D. degrees at Montana State University in Soil Fertility and Soil Chemistry. He served as the Director of the of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of California Davis and as Extension Soil Specialist from 1988 to 1997. While director, in 1992, he co-founded the Western States Proficiency Testing Program. This program was a pioneering agricultural interlaboratory program in the western United States.

In 1997 Dr. Miller joined the faculty of Colorado State University as an affiliate Professor in Soils and Crop Sciences, where he was a leader in the development of the North American Proficiency Testing program, which superceded the Western States Program. He worked closely with state agencies, which certified Ag analysis laboratories. In 1997 he founded interlaboratory proficiency programs for geo-technical materials for the United States Golf Association and the Compost Analysis Proficiency Program (CAP) for the United States Compost Council; he continues to coordinate both programs. In 2002 he co-authored a US-EPA grant with the Minnesota Dept of Agriculture (MDA) to support the Manure Analysis Proficiency (MAP) Program, which today he coordinates with Jerry Floren of MDA.

Dr. Miller conducts educational lab workshops, provides consulting services and continues to conduct research into agricultural analysis. He has authored over twenty articles in the agricultural analysis and co-authored: Soil, Plant and Water Reference Methods for he Western Region, (1996 and subsequent editions) and contributed multiple chapters in Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost. He has served as president of the Soil and Plant Analysis Council, serves as Chair of the USGA Putting Green Advisory committee and is internationally recognized for his expertise.

Through seventeen years coordinating soil analysis proficiency programs and combined 24 years related PT programs, Dr Miller has developed extensive knowledge of statistical analysis, method performance, and laboratory quality. CTS encourages all ALP participating labs to contact Dr. Miller with analysis and proficiency questions.

“Laboratory quality is not a destination, ..... it is a journey”

In photo: Dr. Miller presents a paper on interlaboratory results at the International Symposium on Soil & Plant Analysis (ISSPA) July 2009 Santa Rosa, CA

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