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Strength Tests

There's strength in numbers. Participate in a CTS test and gain confidence in your strength test results. A variety of paper types, methods, and ranges are offered.


305 Bursting Strength

Printing Papers


310 Bursting Strength

Heavyweight & Packaging Papers


312 Tearing Strength

Printing Papers


314 Tearing Strength

Heavyweight & Packaging Papers


325 Tensile Properties

Printing Papers


330 Tensile Properties

Heavyweight & Packaging Papers


334 Folding Endurance

MIT Type on Printing Papers


336 Bending Resistance

Gurley Type on Printing Papers


338 Bending Resistance

Taber Type, 0-10 units


339 Bending Resistance

Taber Type, 10-100 units


340 Bending Resistance

Taber Type, 50-500 units on Recycled Paperboard


343 Z-Directional Tensile

Coated and Uncoated Heavyweight Papers


345 Z-Directional Tensile

Recycled Paperboard


348 Internal Bonding Strength

Modified Scott Bond Mechanics


349 Internal Bonding Strength

Classical Scott Bond Type

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